PandaPow WiFi

Meet PandaPow WiFi, Your New Best Friend.

PandaPow VPN for all devices. Quick and easy setup, totally hassle free. And it's just $99/ year.

Easy Setup - Go from out of the box to online, fast.

With PandaPow WiFi, getting connected to the VPN is easy and hassle free. Simply connect the PandaPow WiFi device to the internet, and then connect other devices to the PandaPow WiFi. Quick and easy.There are no complicated steps to follow.

Step 1

Connect the PandaPow WiFi device to the Internet. Easily done with a cable, wireless, or even 3G.

Step 2

Connect clients to the PandaPow WiFi network. A client can be a computer, iPad, or any other device.

Step 3

The PandaPow WiFi device automatically connects all clients to the PandaPow VPN. You're free to surf!

PandaPow WiFi Ethernet
PandaPow WiFi 3G/4G

Compatibility - One Network for All Devices

Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Windows, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Linux, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Surface. Really, any internet-enabled device will work with PandaPow WiFi - No Setup or App needed.


PandaPow WiFi Compatible devices

VPN to VPN-less devices

Need VPN for your Apple TV or Xbox etc? Simply connect your devices to PandaPow WiFi and automatically get them on our VPN. Perfect for streaming movies directly from your VPN-less device with your favorite streaming service.

Encrypted Security - Surf the web safely

Everything that you do on the Internet while connected to PandaPow WiFi is encrypted, whether it is surfing the web, making a Skype call, watching a video or accessing Facebook.Everything you do, you do with a peace of mind.

Built in Filter Feature

The filter feature in PandaPow WiFi allows you to Exclude or Include traffic through the VPN connection. For example, the excluded traffic will bypass the VPN and go through the "normal" Internet connection instead.


Learn more about the PandaPow WiFi Filter feature here.

PandaPow WiFi VPN Filter Feature
PandaPow WiFi on the road

Take PandaPow WiFi on the road

The PandaPow WiFi device comes with a removable battery, hook it up to a 3G-dongle and bring PandaPow WiFi with you, anywhere you go. The PandaPow WiFi device is powered by a 2600 mAh battery for maximum usage.

What's in the box?

We provide everything you need to setup your PandaPow WiFi. 

Apart from the PandaPow WiFi device, the box also includes: 1-foot flat ethernet cable to connect to the device to a LAN or a Modem; European style charger plug (adapters for others plugs are available at request); USB-cable for charging the device, as well as using PandaPow WiFi as a power bank to charge other devices.

PandaPow WiFi What's in the box

We want satsified customers only. That's why we always have a 7-day money back guarantee. The PandaPow Wifi device also comes with factory warranty; should the device stop working for no apparent reason we'll replace it. If the device is lost, or broken, it can be replaced for a fee.


Want to know more?

Check out the PandaPow WiFi Specifications here

and our PandaPow WiFi FAQ here.